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For coaches, those who want to become coaches and those who are interested in the subject of coaching


WhoCoaches was founded to disenchant the existing myths about coaching in the world.WhoCoaches develops and offers methods, tools, trainings and other means to enable better understanding and practice of coaching.


Matthias Hansen earned a Master of Science (MSc.) in Coaching & Development from University of Portsmouth and graduated with distinction. He provided coaching training courses in Australia, US, UK, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Poland.He also worked for major brands in several line functions like marketing, sales and finance. At last Matthias acted as COO and CEO at market leading financial services companies in Germany.Matthias runs the YouTube Channel WhoCoaches - This is coaching (@thisiscoaching)

Values and Beliefs

  • Coaching paradigms Coaching is science, art and practice at the same time and is nothing new. It exists as long as the human being does

  • Everyone coaches More or less. And everyone can learn and advance in the application of coaching skills and attitudes

  • There is no one truth But billons of idiosyncratic realities. Coaching is a means to work with each of them

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